About Circle Life Hong Kong Funeral Service

At Circle Life Services, we hope to create the final farewell in life for every special person, so that he or she will go on this last journey in peace and with no regrets.When facing the loss of a loved one, finding a funeral service and burial ceremony in Hong Kong that understands your needs and honours your traditions is of utmost importance. Our memorial services in Hong Kong are here to provide you with compassionate support during this challenging time. 

And when death comes knocking, we breathe our last breath and all breathing stops; everything returns to zero. As the saying goes, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Circle Life believes that the departure of a person is not a concept of zeroes, though it may look like a Chinese full stop (。) or zero (0), we prefer to describe it as a circle (O).

When a person is born into this world, he or she has nothing; slowly then, relationships, emotions, goals, substance and other things gradually come along. The course of events developing from nothing to something is as such the concept of changing from zero to one.

A life cycle is like drawing a circle, some people may have larger circles which take a longer time to draw; and some people may have a relatively smaller circle, where the drawing finishes sooner.

The Best Memorial Services in Hong Kong

When our loved ones leave us, it may be the most difficult and upsetting time of our lives. There might be a million things running on your mind, yet there are still many things to deal with, such as preparing documents, informing friends and family, communicating with people of all parties, making decisions, and a ton of other matters. However, you must know that you don’t need to rush into making the right decision, in this difficult time, seek help from a trusted professional team to guide you through the steps required to complete a beautiful farewell ceremony to say goodbye to life.

We specialize in creating meaningful memorial services in Hong Kong that celebrate the life of your loved one. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure that the service reflects their personality, values, and cultural beliefs. From beautiful venues to heartfelt tributes, we are committed to preserving cherished memories.

Traditional Burial Ceremonies in Hong Kong

For those seeking traditional memorial services and burial ceremonies in Hong Kong, our services are tailored to meet your requirements. We offer a range of options to honour your loved one’s final resting place respectfully. Our team will guide you through every step of the burial process, ensuring a dignified and peaceful farewell.


-Service at the Hospital/ Mortuary $16,800
-Service at Funeral Home $29,800
-Service at Church $32,800


-Service at the Hospital/ Mortuary $16,800
-Service at Funeral Home $29,800
-Service at Church $32,800


-Service at the Hospital/ Mortuary $16,500
-Service at Funeral Home $33,800


-Service at the Hospital/ Mortuary $19,800
-Service at Funeral Home $49,800 至 $65,000


-Service at the Hospital/ Mortuary $16,800
-Service at Funeral Home $29,800


-Service at the Hospital/ Mortuary $19,800


From handling papers, to transporting the body to the mortuary in funeral homes, Sincere Funeral provides an all-inclusive repatriation service.



A funeral is like an invisible bridge connecting life and death, giving friends and family a chance to gather.

It is capable of alleviating and comforting the negative emotions of losing a loved one to the Grim Reaper, capable of bringing together the living and the dead on such an event to say goodbye.

At our funeral service in Hong Kong, we understand the importance of compassion and professionalism during this difficult time. Let us help you create a fitting memorial ceremony in Hong Kong to your loved one’s life. Contact us today for personalized funeral, memorial, and burial services in Hong Kong that truly honour your loved one’s memory.



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